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Back by popular demand, 'Batgirl' by Cassandra Yap has been editioned in-house by Mesh & Blade for the first Inky Fingers print drop. 

Batgirl first burst onto the comic book page in the late 60's. Unlike the previous incarnation of a female counterpoint to Batman, Batwoman, who was introduced as a love interest for Batman. Batgirl was an independent superhero with a skillset and civilian identity that rivalled the depth and agency of the Batman without being subservient or linked to Batman as a sidekick or love interest.

Batgirl was intended to be a reflection of the burgeoning momentum gained by the Woman's Liberation Movement at the time and a move by DC comics to portray a more realistic version of the super heroes in comics at the time. 

The character proved to be an extremely in the silver age of comics and her legacy continues to the present day.

This print also proved to be extremely popular in our recent Voting Schmoting show here at the gallery.

Cassandra has produced this work using a classic image of Yvonne Craig in the Batman TV Show between the years of 1967-1968. Yvonne Craig was a trained dancer, but also a keen motorcycle enthusiast and insisted on doing her own stunts (much to the chagrin of the show producers), she also later appeared as the character in an American public service announcement in 1973 promoting equal pay for woman. 

Cassandra has adapted this image into a screen print using her stylish approach to halftones with a subtle text detail on Batgirls's utility belt boldly stating:

"Voting is your super power."

Realised in rich high pigment density black ink and onto specialist G.F Smith paper stocks of the highest quality. The print is elegant, bold and clever in its presentation and execution.

With local elections just a few days away and a general looming on the horizon we want to celebrate our chance to invoke change, the milestones we've made in our struggle for social equality and the importance of strong powerful female role models being champions in our society. 

So get out there, cast your ballot and celebrate yourself and your right to have a say in who runs what with this beautiful artwork.  

Each of these variants is an edition of 20.

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