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Inky Fingers



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Back by popular demand, 'Ice Cream' by Redbellyboy has been editioned in house by the artists himself for the first Inky Fingers print drop. 

'Ice Cream' is a bright and beautiful reflection on the pride and power of woman having the vote as well as our need for positive change in our governance and attitude to voting.

The print has been created through digital collage and design, resolved with a hand screen printed CMYK technique onto a luxurious 400 gsm Naturalis Absolute White Smooth by G.F Smith. This uses a series of interconnected halftones in 4 colours to create the vibrant tonally varied result. Each piece has been finished in a 'I voted' sticker badge designed by the artist. 

This piece was the first to sell out in our last show Voting Schmoting show and we are proud to have a limited time exclusive on the full edition. 

With local elections just a few days away and a general looming on the horizon we want to celebrate our chance to invoke change, the milestones we've made in our struggle for social equality and the importance of strong powerful female role models being champions in our society. 

So get out there, cast your ballot and celebrate yourself and your right to have a say in who runs what with this beautiful artwork.  

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